Paradox Project

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VERTICAL CHURCH BAND iis a team of worship leaders serving a multi-site church in Chicago—among the largest, fastest-growing churches in the United States. Andi Rozier, Meredith Andrews, Seth McConkey, Jon Guerra, Kyle Fredricks and Tara Rios, along with other church musicians, craft songs with one intention: to invite their local community and a multiplying national audience to arrive at a place that is vertical –eyes on the Lord. That goal is surely reached on the collective’s second album, The Rock Won’t Move (out October 29). Key songs include a powerful declaration of an unshakable God on the title track “The Rock Won’t Move,” an infectious celebration of freedom in Christ on “I’m Going Free (Jailbreak)” and a reverent standout moment on “Worthy, Worthy”. Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram



Mike Miller pastored Shiloh Youth for over 10 years and founded Shiloh University Church a ministry focused on young adults meeting on campuses in the heart of Halifax Nova Scotia. Known for its strong culture of inclusion, preaching and passionate worship it reaches hundreds of college students weekly.

Mike and his wife Nancy and their two children, Joshua and Mattie transitioned from being the student pastors at Rock Church in June 2015 and Mike now travels full time preaching and teaching.


2016PP_MelodyLoriaMELODY LORIA is a Montreal-raised artist, singer/songwriter.  Born to musical, missionary parents, she was quickly exposed to an international and multicultural platform.  With her dynamic personality, she is passionate about worship and people. Having studied in Europe for 3 years, Melody completed a discipleship training school program called Master’s Commission, in Amsterdam.  This experience has birthed in her a desire to invest in training young leaders who will live out an authentic lifestyle of devotion to the work of God in their own lives and the lives of others. Today working as Director of Discipleship at IBQ, she is actively involved in the local Church, is growing musically on an international scale and continues to pursue her education in Theology. Website Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube


2016PP_WhistleBlazerWHISTLE BLAZER is a collaborative musical project between Simon Bellavance and Étienne-Joseph Charles, two electro music passionate Montrealers. It was in May 2015 that this duet came together on Easter Sunday at the La Chapelle church where they shared a dynamic time of worship entirely electro. Since, they have worked hard on their first EP: Multicolore, a French-speaking worship album entirely electro that will come out early 2016. Their first single with the same title was launched last September; it was well received and is already played on several French-speaking Christian radios in France and Quebec. Their vision: Make beat music to penetrate the culture with God’s love. Facebook | Instagram


2016PP_RevolutionBandREVOLUTION BAND, started in 2009, brings together several young people involved in worship at Église le Carrefour Chrétien youth group (Revolution Jeunesse | Revolution Jeunes Adultes). This band was created with a common passion in each of its members: To see people experience God’s presence, be radically transformed by the love of Jesus and to see God’s joy dwell in their hearts! Worship brings us together with one heart to see God’s power move in our lives, our families, our cities and our province! Revolution Band is a band that exhales passion, life and the joy of living!
They are an ideal band for your retreats, outreach events, special programmes and worship in your church. Facebook | Bandcamp


Contact Jeunesse photoCONTACT JEUNESSE is a youth group from the Carrefour Chrétien de la Capitale desiring to worship God passionately… together… in all simplicity. They believe that regardless of the circumstances they may find themselves in, God deserves to be praised wholeheartedly! Facebook